SOFT background


Loosely translated it means “The Trinity” or “Everything Comes in Threes” or “The Spirit of Three”. Spirit means Inspiration, Life, Vitality, Spirit, Soul, Encouragement. These are border collies in our eyes: Beautiful souls, encouraging us to do good and always full of life.
Three, the figure 3. This figure brings us happiness and for me, Caroline, a special significance and happens quite often present in our lives: 3 children (Jansen), 3 dogs, etc etc. Unfortunately, we missed both examples 1 child and 1 dog. Both are still in spirit with us: Spirit.
When brainstorming on a kennel name this was the first name we all liked.

Abbreviated the kennel name will be called “SOFT”, which does not mean that our dogs are softies. It means we go for the soft approach.


Since I enjoy organizing activities for dogs, I added the brand SOFTactiviteiten to my company.


A long time, I did a lot of thinking, searching and a lot of talking with other breeders and finally decided to take it to the next step. We wanted to do a litter with Diego, but the right match didn’t came along. Sadly at the end of 2014, we were devastated to let him go by acute kidney failure. When Martin joined, at first it wasn’t an issue, since we were a new couple, but it stayed in the back of my mind.
Gradually, I told him about my dream about setting up a border collie kennel with thoughtfull combinations and he immediately was enthusiastic. He too was a border collie fan.
This meant for me, I could further develop my plans, all our hopes are now pinned on Elena and hopefully a successfull future.


I think it’s important to talk about breeding a certain view and i would like to share with you.

Every match I make my next line is not to propagate the race, but to complement what I see as the Border Collie breed. Under the heading Border Collie can tell you that I scissors underneath.

I like to see that each breeding female or stud that I use:

  • has been fully tested on HD, eyetesting (including CEA_PRA and glaucoma), MDR-1, TNS, CEA_CH, IGS, SN and NCL5 whether there is clear evidence should be showing what the results of the parent. However, it must be tested.
  • in character, are stable and mature enough.
  • must FCI shows or breed functional conformation at least have passed a sufficient aptitude tests, sports.

I also do not breed for another, but mainly for ourselves and from each combination a puppy will therefore stay with us. This means to research the lines with care and try to breed responsibly. Ideally, all parties (breeding female owner, stud-owner, BCCN and appropriate authorities by the owners) stand behind the match.

And I also will be monitoring the nest and whelps in the field for health, behaviour. Not only for the sake of the breed, but also because it is my Vision as a breeder it is necessary. This means at the age of 1-3-6 years, the whelps will be officially tested for the eyes and glaucoma, and at the age of 2 year (or older) officially tested for HD and unofficially tested for ED/SD. The costs will be for the puppy buyer.

Whelps and Costs:

The whelps shall be raised in a homely environment and will be leaving with their new owner(s) in possession of:

  • a pedigree (will be later send by RvB)
  • a dogpassport
  • all information in our possession about the parents as well as the whelp digital (downloadable)
  • a Dutch purchase from RvB/BCCN and Spirit Of Three fysical
  • membership of the kennel-FB-group of Spirit Of Three, but also the nest FB-group
  • access to a digital librairy
  • a stuffed animal with the scent of the nest
  • food for the first couple of days
  • a line and collar of the kennel
  • tested for CEA_CH (clinical) at the age of 7-8 weeks
  • titrated and when necessary vaccinated

The pup will not go with you straight away, we both get thinkingtime. I like you to think carefully about the financial and emotional consequences if this sweet creature is taken home. Mij first concern will always be the puppy. If you have questions, do not hesitate. Puppies can always come back, whatever age.

The pups leave with a purchase of RvB/BCCN and Spirit Of Three. The price is not negotiable.

Costs for the purchase of a border collie puppy with us based on funds that we in the older animal (s) have invested, including testing and payments to Raad van Beheer, town (s) and the breed club BCCN, as well as the additional care costs puppies themselves (food, DA visits, immunizations / titrated, payments to Raad van Beheer etc).

I am committed to titrated, so from now on I will use that and I ask also for puppy buyers to be open. More information will be later available.

Prospective puppy owners can always engage in conversation with me and tell me their preferences, but I finally decide in consultation to whom the puppies go, based on the characters of the pups and what all indicate. I do not work with a waiting list with 1st or 2nd choice. I’m the only one who always has 1st choice, as I not only want to complete the race, but I also want to strengthen my own pack. In the framework for the future. The stud dog owner has always 2nd choice, provided he/she wants to make use of it.

Every litter and every whelp will be monitored, framed by the breed, population (statistical data), diseases and conditions and last but not least I as a breeder from the breeding point of view I feel it is manditory, as well as the stud owner. Therefor each year there will be a return day or weekend organized by us.